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Women and the tobacco epidemic: challenges for the 21st century

Keywords: global, health, women, cessation, policy, economics, children, secondhand, smoke,

This book supports a powerful use of tobacco results in a net loss to countries’ and important... read more

Patterns of global tobacco use in young people and implications for future chronic...

Keywords: youth, Global, Youth, Tobacco, Survey, chronic, disease, secondhand, smoke, gender,

BACKGROUND: Tobacco use is a leading preventable risk factor for many chronic disorders, which are... read more

Global Youth Tobacco Survey

Keywords: youth, gender, tobacco, control, GYTS,

The GYTS is a school-based survey that collects data on students aged 13–15 years using a... read more

Smoke-free laws encourage smokers to quit and discourage youth from starting

Keywords: smokefree, workplace, youth, tobacco, industry, public, support,

  To reduce smoking and protect nonsmokers, many state, county, and municipal governments have... read more

Passive smoking: the impact on children

Keywords: England, passive, smoking, secondhand, smoke, youth, health,

  Key Findings   Children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in England has... read more