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Russian Campaign Development Tool Kit

An International Guide for Planning and Implementing Stop Smoking Campaigns

Keywords: toolkit, campaign, Russian, advocacy,

This Tool Kit is an important resource for people who plan, develop and implement campaigns to... read more

The United Kingdom's National Health Service Smoke-free Resources

Keywords: United, Kingdom, policy, compliance, enforcement, public, support,

A wide range of resources have been developed to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do... read more

Office for Tobacco Control Ireland website

Keywords: Ireland, policy, legislation, smokefree, compliance, enforcement, tobacco, control,

The functions of the Office of Tobacco Control in Ireland are to To advise the Minister for Health... read more

CalEPA report: proposed identification of environmental tobacco smoke as a toxic...

Keywords: California, secondhand, smoke, health, air, quality, cardiovascular,

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand... read more

Ventilation resource page

Keywords: ventilation, air, quality, health, tobacco, industry,

  In July 2006, U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona declared that the debate is over about... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Sports

Keywords: tobacco, free, health, policy, sports, venues,

Tobacco has no place in sport as it is the world’s leading killer, causing five million deaths... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Healthcare

Keywords: tobacco, free, healthcare, facility, health, professionals, cessation,

The Guide has been developed as part of a toolkit to promote and support tobacco-free policies in... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Campuses

Keywords: tobacco, free, campus, schools, health, policy,

Tobacco-free education is a human right for all young people as tobacco is the world’s leading... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Smokefree City Case Studies

Keywords: smokefree, policy, research, campaigns, enforcement,

This document sets out guidance for conducting comprehensive but concise case studies of smokefree... read more

Tobacco Free Air: Training and Resources for a SmokeFree World

Keywords: air, quality, secondhand, smoke, monitoring, training,

  Valid air monitoring studies have proven to have a profound effect on educating the public... read more