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Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Study

Keywords: Air, Quality, Monitoring, AQM, India, public, places,

This study helped in identifying the quality of air in public places like restaurants, bars, pubs... read more

A cross sectional study on levels of secondhand smoke in restaurants and bars...

Keywords: China, Secondhand, smoke, Surveillance, monitoring, hospitality, venues,

ABSTRACT Objectives: To assess indoor secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in restaurants and bars via... read more

2009 Summary Report on global progress in implementation of the Framework Convention...

Keywords: global, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, monitoring, policy, implementation,

This summary report has been prepared in accordance with the decision establishing reporting arrangements... read more

WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008: The MPOWER package

Keywords: global, tobacco, economics, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, smokefree, taxation, advertising, monitoring, cessation, industry, policy,

Tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death in the world today. This year, tobacco will... read more

Exposure to fine and ultrafine particles from secondhand smoke in public places...

Keywords: Italy, secondhand, smoke, smoking, ban, air, quality, cotinine,

Background: A smoking ban in all indoor public places was enforced in Italy on 10 January 2005. Methods:... read more

Tobacco Free Air: Training and Resources for a SmokeFree World

Keywords: air, quality, secondhand, smoke, monitoring, training,

  Valid air monitoring studies have proven to have a profound effect on educating the public... read more

Secondhand smoke monitoring website

Keywords: secondhand, smoke, monitoring, training,

  The purpose of the Secondhand Smoking Monitoring website is to expand capacity for conducting... read more