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Smoke-free Workplaces in Ireland: A One Year Review

Keywords: Ireland, smokefree, legislation, compliance, evaluation,

Enclosed workplaces became smoke-free by law in Ireland on the 29th March 2004 under provisions... read more

Introductory report: decent work, safe work

Keywords: workplace, health, safety, policy, smokefree,

Throughout the world, there is growing acceptance that accidents and ill-health at work impact not... read more

Effects of new smoking regulations in Italy

Keywords: Italy, population, survey, smoking, ban, workplace, hospitality,

Background: From 10 January 2005 the Italian government banned smoking in all indoor public places.... read more

CalEPA report: proposed identification of environmental tobacco smoke as a toxic...

Keywords: California, secondhand, smoke, health, air, quality, cardiovascular,

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand... read more